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Fund Forms and Documentation

New Members

New Member form 1 of 2 – Download

New Member form 2 of 2 – Download

Previous Employer to UJ form – Download

UJPF Investment Switch form – Download

New Member Booklet – Download

Existing Members

Planning for retirement-17 May 2016 – Download

Additional Contribution form – Download

Divorce Order Benefit form – Download

New Banking Details form – Download

Beneficiary Nomination form – Download

Quote of Fund Value form – Download

Resignation or Dismissal form – Download


Retirement form 1 of 3 – Download

Retirement form 2 of 3 – Download

Retirement form 3 of 3 – Download

Options Available on Leaving – Download

Saving for Medical Aid – Download


AF Online Brochure – Download

Membership Exit Guidelines – Download

Scope for financial advice – Download

Member Investment Choice – Download

Investment Switch Process – Download

Important Dates

Financial Planner Dates 2020

Financial planner dates circular – Download

Pre-Retirement Seminars

Both sessions to be held on APK

Morning Session – 27th of May

Afternoon Session – 18th of August

Financial Education Sessions

APK – 14th of September

APB – 15th of September

DFC – 16th of September

SWC – 17th of September

Fund Benefit Roadshows

APK – 20th of April

APB – 21st of April

DFC – 22nd of April

SWC – 23rd of April

Trustee Reports

In this section, you can find access to trustee reports for the last few years.


UJ Pension Fund Report – Download

UJ Defined Benefit Pension Fund Report – Download


UJ Defined Benefit Pension Fund Report – Download

UJ Pension Fund Report – Download


UJ Pension Fund Report – Download

UJ Defined Benefit Pension Fund Report – Download

Questions and Answers

If there’s anything you’d like to know that hasn’t been addressed, you can ask your question here and our pension fund team will post an answer for you and everyone else.

Roadshow Videos

The videos from our latest roadshow are available here, you may go watch them on youtube or just press play right here to gain some insight into your pension fund.

Historic Documentation


Annual Member Investment Choice Process 2013 – Download

Member Presentations Slideshow 2013 – Download

New Member Booklet 2013 – Download

Chairman’s Letter 2013 – Download


Annual Member Investment Choise Process 2014 – Download

Member Presentations Slideshow 2014 – Download

FPC Poster 2014 – Download

Pre-Retirement Seminar Poster 2014 – Download

Member Newsletter 2014 – Download

2013 Circulars

Circular: Benefit Statements – Download

Circular: Suspension of Conversion Options – Download

Circular: Invitation to Pension Fund Members aged 30 to 40 – Download

Circular: Purchacing a Living Annuity – Download

Circular: Personal Financial Planner on Campus – Download

Cricular: Transition to Alexander Forbes – Download

2014 Circulars

Circular: Pre-Retirement Seminar – Download

Circular: Retirement Reform – Download

Circular: Additional Voluntary Contributions – Download

Circular: Financial Planner on Campus – Download

Circular: Financial Education on Campus – Download

Fund Contact Details

Principal Officer: Evette Vanrenen-Linford

Tel: 011 559 4898

Email: [email protected]